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  • 10 Gift Ideas for a New Years Eve Party: brought to you by one fiber

    Dec 13 2016

    The New Year is upon us, and you can be as creative as you’d like when choosing a gift for the hostess or host of a New Years party. 10 ...

  • Day Blankets For Color and Function

    Nov 02 2016

    Day Blankets are the perfect combination of a blanket and throw, providing functionality and familiarity. The Perfect Companion Throws ...

  • Why Linen?

    Jul 22 2016

    Why Linen? Let us explain! Flax is a plant with a delicate blue/purple flower. The fibers in the stalks are spun into yarns used for m...

  • A Lifetime of Security Blankets

    May 12 2015

    Fabric is our first tactile experience. Wrapped around us, we feel a sense of wellbeing. Every parent has experienced the emotional at...

  • Linen Towels Fend Off Kitchen Germs

    Feb 06 2015

    Few chefs want to cook within a dirty kitchen, yet the worst grime may be the one unseen: germs. Bacterial organisms love to grow on surf...