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  • The Lure Of A Yarn

    Oct 25 2016

    What gives a textile its visual appeal? A fabric with visual appeal is one that plays like music to your eyes. Yarn is the essence of th...

  • Give Linen To The Hostess

    Dec 11 2015

    A Hostess gift is such a fun gift to shop for. It’s a perfect opportunity to break all the rules, a chance to surprise. The character ...

  • Best Size Blanket For A Platform Bed

    Sep 03 2015

    What size blanket should you buy for your platform bed? Here are some guidelines and considerations. Comfort First and foremost, when y...

  • Color Meanings and Affects

    Jun 02 2015

    Color has a powerful effect on our lives. Research indicates that color can influence mood. Certain colors promote calm, while others lig...

  • Pillows, the art in the room

    Apr 27 2015

    Bring your mother a bouquet of color and texture this Mothers Day! Decorative Pillows and Pillow Covers are wonderful gifts, a piece of a...