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  • Summertime in Maine

    Jun 30 2010

      It's finally summer here in Maine. We've had a few days of rainy weather, but today we have blue skies, bright sun, and a warm breeze r...

  • American Textile History

    Jun 17 2010

      The history of textile mills in America seems an unlikely topic of national interest, but within their history you can find the corners...

  • Meet the Brahms Mount Crew: John Smith

    Apr 02 2010

      Name: John C. SmithPosition: Master Weaver Working Since: 1998 Off Hours: Playing guitar, spending time with family, watching movies, a...

  • 100% Linen Towels

    Apr 02 2010

      When I need an hour relaxation, I’ll pull out the bubbles and a good book, fill up my claw foot tub with near boiling water and soak. ...

  • Facts on Flax

    Apr 02 2010

    WHAT IS DEW-RETTED FLAX? The Joybilee Farm in British Columbia is a great source for naturally dyed fibers if you hand weave at home.  T...