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  • Linen Towels Fend Off Kitchen Germs

    Feb 06 2015

      Few chefs want to cook within a dirty kitchen, yet the worst grime may be the one unseen: germs. Bacterial organisms love to grow on s...

  • Goodbye Itchy Throws, Hello Comfort!

    Jan 30 2015

    Are you suffering from the company of uncomfortable throws? Life is too short for that nonsense, especially when there are throws and thr...

  • The History of Textile Dyes

    Jan 23 2015

    A Bit of History Long has it been since the industry of textile products left behind its humble beginnings in natural dyes, but such gr...

  • A Dictionary of Bedding Terms

    Jan 13 2015

    Credit: Plow and Hearth including Brahms Mount editorial notes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We’ve come a long way in bedroom décor s...

  • The Effects of Shopping Local

    Jan 06 2015

    For most, buying local is about getting that warm, fuzzy feeling. You know the one: the it’s-okay-that-I-paid-more-because-it’s-good-for-...