Why Wool? Here Are 4 Reasons

Posted on November 10 2015

Why Wool? Here Are 4 Reasons

Warm and Cozy

Warm, tactile, and soft. No other material, natural or man-made, possesses the inherent qualities of wool. The physical characteristics in wool fibers translate into yarn and fabric with volume and loft, contributing to that cozy feel.

Warm Wool Throws - fine micron wool


Woven, knit, and felted, wool is tailored into the world’s most elegant apparel. Wool is worn next to the skin, and at every layer out to the outer jacket. Wool is tufted in rugs, used in mattresses, pillows, soundproofing and insulation. Scarves, hats, coats, shoes, upholstery, the uses for wool are endless.


Our wool blankets are a part of our heritage, a second language, second nature, and a necessity, passed down through generations. Wool has clothed mountain climbers, polar scientists, and adventurers navigating the world.

Brahms Mount Wool Blanket

Superior Properties

Wool has superior properties when presented with weather. On cold rainy days wool insulates you, keeping you from loosing body heat, allowing warm moisture to move through - yet you stay dry and comfortable. On warmer days, wool traps cool air in the crimp of its fibers, insulating you from heat. The wool fiber is another one of nature’s masters of moisture, drawing it into the core, while shedding it from the outside.

Wool ombre throw

Find home with these Brahms Mount choices:

A Brahms Mount Alpaca Wool Throw is a toasty cover. Alpaca is a hollow fiber with a very smooth surface. Air is trapped in the core channels and this is how it keeps you so warm. Our Wool yarn is the perfect mid-weight blanket. Densely packed with yarn, intensely cozy and warm. Air is trapped in the microscopic crimp on the surface of the fiber creating a really comfortable environment. For just the right amount of added weight, try a Cotton/Merino blend – the cotton adds density without adding extra warmth.