Why Linen?

Posted on July 22 2016

Why Linen?


Why Linen? Let us explain! Flax is a plant with a delicate blue/purple flower. The fibers in the stalks are spun into yarns used for manufacturing fabric which is then called Linen.

Blue Flax Flower

According to our research, it appears that Linen is known to be the oldest textile material in the world. Straw, seeds, fibers, yarns, ropes and fabrics have been found dating back 8000 years. The seeds from the Flax plant are a most abundant source of lignans; compounds high in Omega-3 - known to be beneficial to our health.

Flax Field Workers

Linen fabric is used for household textiles, furnishing fabrics, clothing. As well, every part of the plant is useful in some way. Linen, and the Flax plant have medicinal benefits.

Medicinal Value of Flax and Linen

Linen is known to be anti-microbial. The seeds have been used in salves, and fabric is used in various forms to address skin problems. It is anallergic, accelerating the healing of skin diseases. It is known to relax, reduce the effects, and even cure skin conditions such as dermatitis. Mummies were wrapped in Linen due to its anti-microbial properties! Imagine that! In 1996 Brahms Mount innovated and wove the first 100% Linen blanket. It was the only one of its kind manufactured in the United States. As our specialty is blankets, it was a natural progression from our very successful line of Cotton blankets.

Brahms Mount Weave Room

One might say that Brahms Mount was awake to sleepless nights from the very beginning. We brought an ancient remedy to a growing problem, insomnia. Science has confirmed that due to the natural properties of the fiber, we sleep better under Linen. Our comfort is enhanced due to the breathability of the fiber. This brings relaxation, resulting in fewer sleep disturbances, which results in greater wellbeing and true rest.

Linen kitchen towels

Linen is an excellent fabric for moisture absorption. The channels in the structure of the fiber draw in moisture while at the same time evaporating it just as quickly. This makes Linen one of the very best towels on earth.

Linen Towels for Expecting Mom

As one of the world’s most noble fibers, Linen is a true symbol of elegance. It improves with age, has the most fluid “hand”, and gains character every time it is handled.

Flax Field

Brahms Mount Linen Blankets, Throws, and Towels are unique in their hearty yet luxurious construction. They have been an inspiration to many textile aficionados. They will be an inspiration to you, and a welcome addition to your household.