What's a micron - and why should we care?

Posted on September 10 2014

What's a micron - and why should we care?
We often get asked how our wool feels. To lend quantifiable objectivity (!) to the discussion, Jane Laug, the Brahms Mount design director, has provided us with the following information valuable when describing different types of wool.


The diameter of wool fiber ranges from 10 to 70 microns. The finest grades of wool are 15-23 microns and generally go into the weaving of bespoke menswear fabrics. Medium grades of 24-30 microns go into woolen tweeds, flannels, soft coatings, and the like. Course grades of 30 microns or more are used for carpets, dense wool blankets, etc. Fine Micron wool throw in Watermelon

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Cashmere is also a fine micron fiber at 15-19 microns. Why should we care about this? Well, textile geeks like me care about micron size because when we at Brahms Mount recently embarked on the development of our new washable wool blanket, of course I wanted it to be the softest wool available.

Washable Wool Pinstripe Blanket

So, here it is, our super-fine micron washable wool pinstripe blanket: We worked with one of Europe’s most elite spinners  to develop a yarn that feels like cashmere yet will withstand machine washing & drying. You won’t believe how soft this blanket is! The weight is light enough for year-round use but heavy enough for cold winter nights. The mélange palette and classic pinstripe twill pays homage to the traditional roots of the world’s finest wool fibers- bespoke menswear. You won’t need a top sheet with this beauty.
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By Brahms Mount Design Director, Jane Laug