What Makes a Bedroom Inviting?

Posted on August 21 2015

What Makes a Bedroom Inviting?


What are the main ingredients needed to create an aesthetically pleasing and tranquil bedroom? Here are some tips.


Color and Design

Your choice of paint or wallpaper is important in creating a room that provides you with the setting that suits you best. Rich tones and neutral colors provide the warmest atmosphere. Minimal color gives a light and airy feel - you can always accent with brightly colored art and accessories. Texture, color and pattern will result in a more bohemian styled room. Flooring should be soft or natural.

Color in the Bedroom


The textiles in your bedroom are one of the most important aspects of your comfort. Fabric that is directly in contact with your skin should soothe. For this, natural fibers are your best choice. The breathability of Cotton, Wool, and Linen is unsurpassed and this is Brahms Mount’s greatest contribution to the bedroom. Our blankets and throws are woven in calming and interesting patterns. Our natural fiber yarns are spun specifically for us to provide the best possible reaction when touched. Be sure to research pleasing sheets and the right pillows for under your head!

Comfort in the Bedroom


The lighting in a bedroom should not be too luminous. It should be gentle on the eyes while providing sufficient visibility. Lighting emphasizes paint color, flooring and design detail. It sets a mood and greatly affects your comfort. A task light is usually a table lamp. This is best for reading and activities where direct lighting is required. Overhead illumination for the entire room is your ambient lighting, often on a dimmer switch to adjust for a cozy glow. Floor lamps that cast light toward the ceiling offer indirect lighting without spotlighting any one thing. Spotlights are for accenting a piece of art or an architectural detail in the room.

Light in the Bedroom

Window Covering

Natural light is wonderful, however sometimes we want to close out the light. Window covering can help to adjust the quality and quantity. Mini-blinds are a wonderful way to control lighting


Furniture is one of the most important aspects to your comfort as your body is in direct contact with it - especially your mattress. Be sure to research your choices carefully. There are many types available offering different firmness and varying types of construction. Beautiful bed-frames can be accompanied by matching headboards: carved wood, iron with ornate scrollwork and fabric-covered. Consider these design aspects when making your choices and how they pair with seating and nightstands (your bedside assistant)!

Bedroom Fixtures

Feng Shui

Consider Feng Shui, the practice that governs spatial arrangement in relation to the flow of energy in a room. This includes keeping a space uncluttered, listening to music and the sounds of nature, or adding a diffuser with essential oils such as lavender for calming aromatherapy. The placement of plants in a room is known to purify the air as well, however it is important to keep plants that do not emit carbon dioxide at night. Therefore succulents are best. Fresh flowers add color and beauty. Benefits of Natural Fibers Our bedrooms impact the quality of our lives, as this is where we spend quality individual time. Take time in consideration!