Color Meanings and Affects

Posted on June 02 2015

Color Meanings and Affects


Color has a powerful effect on our lives. Research indicates that color can influence mood. Certain colors promote calm, while others light fire and passion. Many of these influences come from our long held association of colors to situations. Let’s explore.



Blue is almost always associated with sky and ocean. Blue implies calm and trust. A clear blue sky is considered “smooth sailing”, and not just for sailors. We have come to use this terminology to imply ease in situations. Variations on blue can include colors like Turquoise, the color of clarity, and Indigo, known as the color of intuition.


Apple Green Throw

Green is restful on the eyes. It is the pastures and the hills, the color of nature, health, and wellbeing. Both blue and green are called “cool” colors. Green is used in hospitals as it is considered to be relaxing and variations of blue are often used on office walls.


Sequoia Cotton Linen Day Blanket

Yellow is associated with the fire element, providing warmth and comfort. There is no doubt why this is called a “warm” color, it is the color of our sun! Yellow is cheerful and falls between green and orange in the spectrum. Variations of yellow such as gold signify triumph, success and abundance.


Autumn Natural Cotton Herringbone Throw

The color of adventure, orange is the enthusiastic extrovert. It is the color of the citrus fruit that provides energy and necessary vitamins. As it is the combination of red and yellow, orange is a stimulating color. A splash of orange brings warmth and excitement to a room.



Red is an emotionally intense color. It is the color of action and passion and is the color we use to alert. From fashion to flowers red brings attention and romance. Red is a bold and powerful accent. The more tranquil pink brings softness.



Next to red on the color spectrum is purple. Associated with nobility, purple was worn by royalty. It indicates luxury. Purple is a color that represents courage. Brahms Mount understands the alchemy of color, providing you with options to accent or saturate your surroundings. Bring cooling calmness into your home with Brahms Mount colors like Glacier and Mineral in Cool Linen Throws.

linen day blanket - zephyr

Our Cotton Herringbone Throws are saturated with colors like Blaze Red and Raspberry, Cornsilk and Autumn. Our Cotton Stonington Blanket is crisp White subtly striped with Carmen Red.


Surround yourself with the easy colors of the earth with Parchment and Birch, Quarry and Prairie.


Color is food for our eyes and stimulation to our minds. Gray is passive and conservative and Black is edgy. White is innocence, a blank canvas, and most often the color of bridal dresses. Brown is “down to earth”, and Silver is the moon. With all this abundance around us, we can choose how we want to feel in our clothes and our homes.