What are the differences between cotton and linen blankets?

Posted on January 03 2014

What are the differences between cotton and linen blankets?


We've written about the difference between cotton and linen in the past, but we get a lot of questions about what separates our blends. This post speaks to the technical differences between the two fibers, but let's talk about some of the other reasons that separate these two.

Cotton Chevron Blanket Cotton Chevron Blanket


Adaptable Cotton (and cotton blend) blankets transfer effortlessly between seasons, as they can act as both breathable and light in the summer and warm and are also... Great for cold weather As a heavier blend than linen, you'll be able to snuggle up with your cotton blanket during the cold months of winter. Soft & Comfortable Known for its comfort and soft texture, cotton is a great fabric for the blankets you keep anywhere - from your guest bedroom to the back of your sofa.

Linen Leno Chevron Blanket Linen Leno Chevron Blanket


Durable When you purchase a linen blanket, you're making an investment in a long wearing throw. As long as you follow our care instructions, you'll be able to enjoy your linen blankets for years to come! Great for warm weather As the lighter blend of the two, linen blankets will certainly keep you warm during cooler summer nights, but also breathes nicely. During the cooler months, we recommend layering your blankets - whether it's linen on linen or linen with another blend!


How are linen and cotton similar?

  While they certainly have plenty of differences, cotton and linen are both:
  • Washable: like many of our textiles, you can rest easy knowing that whether linen or cotton, you can always wash them!
  • Natural: both fibers are all natural - cotton derived, of course, from cotton plants and linen from flax plants.


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