Versatile Blankets Perfect for Summer: Cotton/Linen Day Blankets

Posted on May 28 2014

Versatile Blankets Perfect for Summer: Cotton/Linen Day Blankets


The summer season and blankets or throws may not sound like they mix, but that's not the case when it comes to our cotton/linen day blankets. These light, bright, and airy blankets are the perfect accessory to all of your outdoor adventures this summer.

linen day blanket

Keep your day blanket handy

Always keep a day blanket - like the Canyon Day Blanket (pictured above) - in the back of your car. It's a great way to be prepared in case of an impromptu beach visit or picnic at the park! The versatility of this blanket knows no bounds when it comes to outdoor activities.

Bring your day blanket to the party

Put out blankets on your deck or patio when you're having a BBQ or outdoor party this summer. That way, people can sit on them or cozy up in them at night when it gets chilly and everyone is huddled around the fire.

Be ready with your day blanket at any day to night event

Going to be at the baseball park late one Friday night? How about an outdoor concert? Being from New England, we know the days may be warm, but the nights will often be chilly. Be prepared by always having your day blanket with you! Interested in learning more about our day blankets? See them all here. By Brahms Mount