To The Edge of The Fabric... and Back

Posted on April 20 2016

To The Edge of The Fabric... and Back


The edge of a blanket, throw or garment is an important determining factor, signifying the creative thinking, quality of handwork, and quantity of handwork involved in its manufacture. Hand twisted fringe, hems that are hand-turned, corners mitered, decorative stitching; this is just a glance at the design features of different types of edge treatment.


Aesthetics At The Edge Of A Fabric

The edge treatment on fabric is the defining finishing touch, as well as a critical aspect of a textile that is properly finished. Whether utilitarian or highly decorative, all fabrics have some form of edge treatment. Some effects can be achieved during manufacturing, yielding a fabric with an edge that is self-sealing, not going to unravel. There are various techniques, it’s an opportunity for technical and creative inventiveness.

Antique Selvedge finish

A designer will focus specific attention to strategically placing color and pattern to the selvedge area of a flat fabric like a blanket or throw, and to the collars and cuffs of a garment. Upholsterers use gimps and braids to enhance the edge where seams join – where wood meets fabric. Brahms Mount has a variety of edge treatments guided by tradition and intuition.

original cotton herringbone blanket

Many of our blanket designs call for our simple hand-turned hems. Depending on the design, corners are either mitered or squarely turned. The pattern itself can dictate which will be the most appropriate, as the scale of a design can affect the size and style of the hem. A recognized signature of a Brahms Mount is our Hand-Twisted and Hand-Knotted fringe. Thick and graphic, these edge treatments have intention and volume. They are as much a part of the design, as the color and pattern, adding texture and complimenting the weave in the throw.

original hand twisted fringe by brahms mount

Innovative edge treatment can have dynamic effect. Simple edge-treatment is the discreet work of fine tailoring. Consider the edge! It’s where the action is.

Fine taylored blanket