Throws with Fringe: 6 Blankets We Love with Fringe

Posted on July 09 2014

Throws with Fringe: 6 Blankets We Love with Fringe


At Brahms Mount, we love a beautiful finished edge, and a lot of the time that means with fringe! Many of our fringe details are hand-twisted and knotted. Here are just a few of our favorites.


1. Cotton Herringbone Throw


This throw is one of our favorites: featuring a modern large-scale herringbone pattern and available in a variety of colors, the Cotton Herringbone Throw is finished off with the hand-twisted and knotted rope fringe. This comfortable and soft cotton throw is machine washable and colorfast, so you'll never have to worry. Click here to learn more about the cotton herringbone throw.


2. Madder Red Featherstripe Throw


Inspired by French lace and tickings, this linen throw comes finished with a 1.5" fringe on two sides and hem on the other two sides. This throw is perfect for staying cool in the hot summer months. Click here to learn more about the madder red featherstripe throw.


3. Cotton Throw Border Twill


Another cotton throw finished with our iconic hand-knotted fringe, this tight twill weave and two wide border stripes is a neutral that will match nearly any design style or color palette. You'll love the comfort of cotton, as well as the colorfast and machine washable nature of this beautiful throw.


4. Wool Wrap Saturn Stripe


You'll love the smooth and lightweight feel of this fine micron throw just as much as we do. Finished with a beautiful fringe at each end, this throw is available in a variety of bright, vibrant colors. Click below to read more about each of the color we offer in the wool wrap saturn stripe:

  • Brown
  • Watermelon (pictured above)
  • Gray
  • Turquoise
  • Navy

5. Wool Ombre Throw


Similar to the Wool Wrap Saturn Stripe, this throw differs in its design. The trendy ombre look will give your room a ton of interest. Finished with our hand-knotted fringe, this micron wool blend will keep you warm and cozy all year long. Click here to learn more about the wool ombre throw. 


6. Cotton/Alpaca Herringbone Throw


A similar style and design as the Cotton Herringbone Throw, this throw adds a touch of luxury with the Alpaca blend. Alpaca’s long, hollow fibers trap air and naturally regulate body temperature, while cotton enhances the softness and warmth. Finished with our hand-knotted fringe, this throw will leave you loving blends. By Brahms Mount