3 Non Weather Opportunities to Change Decor

Posted on October 13 2015

3 Non Weather Opportunities to Change Decor


Traditionally, holidays and the weather signify the changing seasons. Yet there are many other occasions to be creative with the placement and arrangement of your Blankets, Throws, and Towels. Here are 3 refreshing reasons to let any day signal a time for a change!


Receiving Heirloom Gifts From Loved Ones

Receiving a hand-made gift from a family member or close friend is a very special occasion. The perfect way to express your appreciation and enjoy the cherished gift would be to arrange your décor so that the item can be properly shown or used. Perhaps you’ve received a beautiful ceramic bowl, or a painting, and you’d like to place it prominently in your living room or reading room. Now would be the perfect time to choose a throw or blanket in a coordinating color to highlight the gift.


When Guests Arrive

Having a guest for the weekend is such a special occasion. The bedroom they stay in can be clothed in bedding selected especially for them.  Maybe your friends chose to visit you because they live in a warm climate and adore your cabin in the mountains where the weather is cool and refreshing. This is a great opportunity to select your greens, grays, or earth tones to welcome them to the forest of trees that surround. Merino wool would be a great choice!



Maybe your company is visiting you for the enjoyment you share lounging around the pool together talking about your mutual love of warmer climates. Crisp blue cotton in the bedroom, white or bright colors on the chaise lounge and linen towels in the bathroom are the way to enhance this experience.


Birthdays and Celebrations

Celebrations are the best opportunity to spice things up! Many of us collect fabrics and throws because one throw is never enough! But we can’t use them all at once! Pull those bright colors out of the closet and place them everywhere to bring life to the festivities.


Of course Holidays are the perfect time to re-arrange your bedding ThrowsBathroom & Kitchen Towels. It’s a special occasion and nothing says Holiday more than freshly chosen bedding showcasing your favorite and most special blankets. Every day is a reason to consider it a season!