The Natural Qualities of Linen: 3 More Reasons Why Our Customers Love Linen

Posted on April 09 2014

The Natural Qualities of Linen: 3 More Reasons Why Our Customers Love Linen


Linen is a favorite for our customers (and for us!) and it's no surprise why: its natural qualities make linen an ideal choice for blankets, throws, and towels.


"It's easy to care for."

Linen is a long wearing and durable fiber. While all of our textiles are long wearing, linen certainly wins the longevity contest. Follow our easy care instructions, and you could have your linen blankets for generations to come. Since you're able to wash and dry your linen, the care is simple and straight-forward. You'll also love that your linen blankets and throws won't lose their shape over time.


"I get an amazing night's sleep with linen."

We've talked about this before, but linen will give you a great night's sleep...and our customers agree! Linen wicks sweat and heat from your body in the summer months and holds in heat during the cool months, making it a truly multi-purpose fiber. Linen is also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so you're sure to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep with a linen blanket on your bed!


"It's a great gift."

Whether for a wedding or anniversary gift, your loved ones will appreciate the thought of this luxurious present. Unlike other gifts, yours will never go out of style and will last for generations to come! Learn more about our linen blankets and linen throws today! By Brahms Mount