The Lure Of A Yarn

Posted on October 25 2016

The Lure Of A Yarn


What gives a textile its visual appeal?

A fabric with visual appeal is one that plays like music to your eyes. Yarn is the essence of the appearance in a cloth, the base flavor and foundation of every textile recipe.

yarn recipe of fabric

A yarn designer is like a tailor. The one who lays the fibers for a perfect fit. Choice of color plays a critical part in design. However, the appearance needs to be comprised of a subtle and effective blend so right that it belongs, and always has.


Yarns are spun from every conceivable fiber one can imagine: plant, animal and mineral. The way the fiber is handled in spinning results in a glorious selection of textures for various applications. Innovations in fiber spinning are astounding.


Some examples include: Bouclé – a yarn with loops Tweed or Slub – a yarn with flecks of color spun in Heather – several colors of fiber spun together Marled – when two colors of yarn are plied together

Texture Translates Into Performance Characteristics

The visual characteristics of a yarn are often tied to the performance characteristics as determined by the end use of the fabric. Active sportswear such as bicycling gear, and swimwear all have smoother visual aspects as tied to the functional need for air or water to flow without friction. Wool performs well in moist atmospheres, having the mechanical property of getting warmer as a result. A wool yarn that is spun with a textured or brushed surface traps that warmth in its fibers.


Yarn Is The Life Of The Cloth

It is the visual and tactile qualities that attract us to a blanket or throw and the visual appeal is most often the first stop. Even the tactile quality of a fabric shows in its visual appearance.  The yarn has to sing to us. We may not know what is calling, but it is certain that the first encounter should have the allure of something special.

Cotton color heather blanket

Often unidentifiable, what draws us to cloth is the magic of its make up, how the choice of yarns used are placed and spaced, how the play of colors stimulates. Understanding the best use for the best outcome is alchemy, and we are alchemists. We put our spin on some of the finest yarns and fibers, then weave them into art. The yarns we use have visual character that draws you closer.

granite marled yarn

Recent additions include: Marly, Blanket and Throw, and our Bouclé Throw.

wool boucle brahms mount throw

Yarn is the savory, the sweet, the smooth and delicious, the bold and the moody, the familiar and the truly - beautiful essence of our fabric.