The Day Blanket: Our Unique Style and Day Blanket Comfort

Posted on May 14 2014

The Day Blanket: Our Unique Style and Day Blanket Comfort


At Brahms Mount, we take special care in each and every one of our designs. Each is truly a labor of love and our day blankets are no different.


Symmetrical Design

symmetric design

Both the Blue Heron and the Canyon have symmetry in their designs. The Canyon (pictured at the left) is ground with a subtle stripe and edge border detail, complete with pearl linen fill to keep it clean. The Blue Heron design (pictured on the right), meanwhile, is ground with texture and a double center band, complete with indigo linen fill.

These designs are repeated across the entire width of the throw and bands of color become proportionately wider as they are scaled up to the finished width.


Asymmetrical Stripes

assymmetric design

We also create patterns with our day blankets that have asymmetrical stripes and patterns. The Portico (pictured at the top left) uses natural linen fill to keep colors true and earthed. Our Truffle design (pictured at the top right) has chocolate linen fill, while the Pemaquid (pictured at the bottom left) has gray (or slate) linen fill, and the Sequoia (pictured at the bottom right) has richness from Indigo linen fill. Ready to learn more about our bold cotton/linen day blankets? Click here to check them out! By Brahms Mount