The Closed Selvedge - Brahms Mount Advantage

Posted on April 10 2012

The Closed Selvedge - Brahms Mount Advantage
In the last entry, Claudia Brahms described the environment of the 'home/lifestyle' market in 1983 that gave rise to the Brahms Mount cotton blankets. In this entry, Claudia discusses the unique closed selvedge found on Brahms Mount throws and day blankets: The closed selvedge, a distinct look that is possible only on our shuttle looms, shows the hand of the weaver. The antiquity lends authenticity to the history of fabric and a beautiful clean fabric edge. We take advantage of that aesthetic on our throws and day blankets. Our twin, full, queen and king blankets are hemmed on all four sides... there are naturaly two raw edges that occur from cutting the fabric into lengths and so those edges need to be secured with a hem. So for uniformity and a clean presentation, we hem all four sides of our blankets whereas the closed selvedge is featured on throws, day blankets and towels.
Brahms Mount Loom 1. The looms used by Brahms Mount utilize a shuttle which carries the fill yarn, spooled on a bobbin, across and back, closing the ends... a closed selvedge.
Magazine full of bobbins 2. The magazine holds the bobbins that are automatically dropped into the shuttle
Fill yarn 3. Here, the fill yarn is slack as the shuttle awaits its hammer returning it in the other direction
Tucked Tail 4.See the well finished ends? The loose tail in this photo indicates where the empty bobbin is replaced with a new bobbin from the magazine. The loose tail is "hand-tucked" during the finishing process, a step that takes up to 10 minutes per blanket
Closed Selvedge 5. A beautiful closed selvedge!