The Best Present for Every Season: The All-Season Blanket

Posted on December 10 2011

The Best Present for Every Season: The All-Season Blanket


Wool and Cotton Blankets Blanket thickness comparison

Have you been having a hard time finding the perfect present for your co-worker, friend, or family member? Look no further than lambswool. That’s right, lambswool. Forget the age old classic itchy sweater like Grandma used to make; these blankets are soft, supple, and the best news? They aren't a bit itchy. Our perfect blend of merino wool gives you all the benefits of our softer fabrics like cotton and linen, with the bonus of being perfect for anytime of year! Available in a number of colors, the special person in your life will love a blanket they won't have to put away after the winter is over. Since you're still able to throw these blankets in the wash, don't fret about creating a lot of work for your loved one.

Washable Merino Lambswool Blanket


Ready to pick out the perfect lambswool blanket? Try our two designs in a number of great colors: Herringbone merino wool, available in Flint, Shale, Hazelnut, and Nutmeg Broadcloth merino wool, available in Nutmeg and Flint