The Best Blankets

Posted on December 24 2015

The Best Blankets

Stay In The Family

Blankets have a lasting functional value. As they are handled repeatedly, a patina evolves, both literally and metaphorically. Some blankets tell the story of a life, read through the loving signs of years of being handled. As blankets are handed down for generations, they bring evidence of their usefulness over the years. This is the value of cloth.

Natural Fibers

Cloth should go beyond being visually tasty, it should never lose its flavor. The plant and animal fibers in woven textiles have natural functions that are felt immediately as the body and skin develop a relationship with the natural materials. A blanket should feel so good that you are compelled to draw it closer for comfort. Quality and functionality should be obvious to the touch.

Promote Rest

Our association with blankets starts at a very early age. They are our second tactile experience next to loving hands and being swathed in a blanket is a very calming experience. It is one of the most basic and important aspects of a nights sleep. The weight of a blanket has been shown to contribute to a restful experience.


The best blankets are fabric blankets woven from yarns spun of natural fibers. Natural fibers have been in use on our planet for thousands of years. Woven blankets are the only blankets that carry generations of traditionĀ in their warp and weft. They comfort us simply by representing the hand and its craft, by being the product of an art. These are the deep roots of authenticity.