Summertime in Maine

Posted on June 30 2010

Summertime in Maine


It's finally summer here in Maine. We've had a few days of rainy weather, but today we have blue skies, bright sun, and a warm breeze rich with the scent of the roses in our garden. From our front porch, I can see the Kennebec River flowing sluggishly through town. The change in weather has driven me to change all the bedding in my freshly-painted bedroom. Gone is my merino lambswool blanket; out comes the crisp cotton and lighter blankets. To me, nothing quite says summer like a bright white blanket. There's just something about the way the white gleams in the sunlight and makes you feel cool even in Maine's humid heat. White blankets can make any room feel like a beach house retreat or a cottage by the lake.

Here at Brahms Mount, we make five unique blankets in pure white cotton, and each one is a wonderful treat, no matter what the season. All of our cotton blankets are made from cotton grown in North America. Our white cotton is dyed using the least environmentally damaging whitener for natural fibers.

Whether you're looking for something casual or something with a touch of elegance, chances are there's a white cotton blanket for you. If you like a touch of color in your blanket, check out our colored Herringbone blankets on a white background. We've introduced three new fun colors this summer: Oyster, Almond, and Misty Blue!