Static Electricity and Natural Fibers

Posted on March 23 2015

Static Electricity and Natural Fibers
Why choose a Natural Fiber?  A Wool, Cotton, or Linen Throw or Blanket is your best choice when trying to reduce Static Electricity. It’s all about moisture and charged electrons! When it’s dry and cold, static is ever-present. When it’s warmer and moisture and humidity are higher, static is less. Natural fibers retain and more moisture. This is the perfect defense against static electricity.

There is no chemical treatment of any sort used in our process.

Many anti-static treatments used on synthetic fibers are based on helping the fiber retain moisture. Yes, the shocking truth behind static and synthetics! We’re happy that Mother Nature gave these properties to natural fibers without the need for any additional treatments.

Here are 3 top picks:

  • We absolutely love the dense, soft, comfortable quality of a Cotton blanket. Our Leno Chevron Blanket has a weave that is especially wonderful for moderating body heat and moisture  - the key to less static electricity. The open areas in the design are like thermal spaces allowing air to be trapped. Imagine soft cotton, head to toe! Shop Cotton Blankets
  • The Linen Leno Stripe throw has the same thermal quality in the textural weave. Add to that the fact that the Flax fiber, Linen, naturally moves heat and moisture very efficiently, and you have one very elegant and functional piece of cloth. Take this throw from room to room, take it traveling, as this will truly be a personal blanket that you will not want to ever part with! Shop Linen Throws
  • Wool fibers trap heat making us cozy and comfortable. Are you still by the fire clinging to your favorite Throw? “Little Boxes” is our newest super fine micron wool throw. The breathtaking feel of the yarn combined with the contemporary weave is a gourmet meal to look at and have against your skin. The little boxes trap air, adding warmth without adding weight.  Shop Lightweight Wool Throws

Cotton and Linen Blended Blanket

It’s amazing what happens when you start thinking about charged electrons and how they create the fireworks that happen when you touch your pet, how your hair stands up when you take off your hat, or walk across a room in slippers and touch a door handle. It’s even more amazing that something as beautiful and comforting as a Brahms Mount Blanket or Throw could help to moderate static electricity through the properties of it’s fibers. Shocking.   Next time, we’ll explore how to expertly mix and match your blankets and pillows! By Brahms Mount