Pillows, the art in the room

Posted on April 27 2015

Pillows, the art in the room
Bring your mother a bouquet of color and texture this Mothers Day! Decorative Pillows and Pillow Covers are wonderful gifts, a piece of art and a soft place to land. Pillows are an instant makeover to your home décor. They can be placed to add a modern accent or to create a traditional feel. They can match your blankets or be mixed and matched to transform a living room. Decorative pillows are the perfect showcase for color and pattern.

 Brahms Mount offers pillows in 4 sizes:

  • Standard with a 1” flange - 20” x 26” (2nd from bottom of pile above)
  • Euro size - 26” x 26” (bottom of pile)
  • Decorative sized pillows 18” x 18” (2nd from top)
  • Decorative sized pillows 12” x 16” (top)
When choosing, think placement, pattern, and proportion. An even number of symmetrically arranged pillows has more order compared to the bohemian chic of many loosely thrown pillows. Simple pattern adds texture to a quiet room while graphic design adds a modern look. Mixing sizes adds interest. Adding color lets you paint a beautiful collection! Natural  pillow shams on bench

Linen, a lustrous and soothing choice for a simple and quiet pairing:

Choose natural linen for standard pillows and solid pearl color for your euro size. This will give you a combination of two solids, a neutral layer of comfort. Add an accent with a subtle small-scale stripe or awning stripe in natural/pearl. Pearl-Natural Awning Stripe Pillow Sham

For a more graphic neutral look:

Start with our natural on pearl stripe Euros. Orient the stripes both horizontally and vertically on a couch or across the head of the bed. Add two solid natural or pearl in a decorative size. Enjoy the calm spirit of linen spoken through your pillows. Pearl and Natural Striped Linen Pillow    

Create a refreshing statement in cotton, accented by linen:

A beautiful combination for the bedroom can start with an indigo color Herringbone blanket in cotton. Building upon this, choose the matching herringbone pillows in either standard and/or euro size. Layer on our new solid white linen euro pillow and a few indigo decorative pillows. Indigo Herringbone Cotton Pillow Sham  

Your pillows can accentuate the colors in a piece of art, or be the art in the room:

Two euro size white cotton rib pillows may be all the texture you need paired with a solid white Sahara cotton blanket. Layer a Stonington blanket and matching pillows in any color for the subtlest addition of color and pattern. Starry Nights pillow with Stonington in Island Blue

Brahms Mount makes the alchemy of combining texture and color easy. You can cross coordinate our entire collection through choice of color, pattern and fiber.

Prairie Cotton and Linen Euro Sham Brahms Mount pillows can be an accent to the couch, comfort on the chaise, the pieces of a beautifully made bed, and a place to rest your head.