Living with Multifunctional Day Blankets: The Many Uses of Day Blankets

Posted on February 05 2014

Living with Multifunctional Day Blankets: The Many Uses of Day Blankets


Blankets are no longer just for the home. What you may have once thought was perfect for only the foot of your bed is now ideal for nearly any occasion. In particular, our day blankets are perfect for multifunctional living!


In your home

It goes without saying that the home is where the day blanket lives most of the time. Between your guest beds and your own bed, the back of the sofa, to wrapped around your loved ones, day blankets are the perfect accessory for every room.


Drive-in Movie

Opening up the back of your car on a warm summer night to watch a drive-in movie with your family certainly wouldn't be complete without laying down your day blanket first. Cozying up in the blanket when the night cools off is a perfect end to any evening!


Picnic table

Keep your picnic table benches comfortable by first folding up a day blanket. We all like to be comfortable while eating and enjoying the company of loved ones, so let the day blanket help your cause!



Sunscreen, check. Beach umbrella, check. Day blanket, check! Instead of towels to lay out on, be sure to pack your day blanket. They're great for keeping the sand off while you worry about enjoying the sun and the surf!



This summer, don't forget the day blanket when you're packing for the big concert. Great for outdoor and indoor concerts alike, whether you're sitting on in the grass or wrapping around your shoulders when the temperature drops. You'll definitely want to bring the day blanket along! Interested in seeing all of our day blankets? Check out all of our blankets! By Brahms Mount