Lambswool Blanket: Layering Weight Wool Blanket

Posted on January 25 2013

Lambswool Blanket: Layering Weight Wool Blanket


  • Our merino wool blankets are purposefully designed to avoid motifs as they command so much attention.
  • Ours are on the contemporary side: A lambswool broadcloth with a crisp sheet in Hallowell, Maine.
  • Longest track record: As far as we know, there was no tropical-weight/layering-weight wool blanket before ours. Our fabric continues to withstand the test of time. Read our past post The Best Present for Every Season
  • Our Broadcloth Merino Blankets possess a drape that can envelope you without the weight. It is surprisingly warm for it's weight.
  • These blankets fit in a suitcase, or a knapsack, which some suggest make them a great men's blanket. Brahms Mount wool is warm and just the right thickness as a coverlet or blanket. They truly have a broad style appeal for both men and women.
  • Our recommendation: Get under one! Rather than by "touching" it with your hands, the beauty of the blanket is felt by being underneath it. After this you will own the difference! Read our past post 5 Reasons to Love Merino Wool Blankets

Traditional Pairings:

  • I love pairing our Merino wool herringbone blankets with the Sahara cotton blanket to give a more urban feel to a room.
  • People bring up the tradition of Wool and Linen. They are very compatible. Brahms Mount Linen functions to trap the warmth from the heat created by the body, assisted by the wool, which itself heats as it is exposed to body moisture.
By Brahms Mount