Is Gray the New White?

Posted on January 27 2016

Is Gray the New White?


The last five years has seen an explosion in the use of the color gray in our lives. Entire homes are beautifully decorated using combinations of gray walls, gray carpentry, furniture upholstered in gray fabrics, gray carpets, towels, bedding and accessories. A gray combination can be urban or earthy, modern or classic. If there’s all gray area in this continuing fashion, 2016 will see gray as the trending hair color! No longer an issue of black or white, it’s mushroom and oyster, soft dove and charcoal. Gray is a color that prevails in architecture, in our kitchens as polished chrome and on countertops in stone.


Is Gray a Color?

Since gray is a shade between black and white we might say that gray has always been a shade of white!! Black, technically is what your eye sees when the item you are looking has absorbed all color. White is what you see when the item has reflected all colors. Gray falls between.

Gray Monochrome Blankets

Is gray really a color? It is called an achromatic color, a color without color. Remembering that color is what we see when light reflects from an object or even the tiniest of particles, gray can be light and airy, cool and solemn, elegant, or dramatic. As gray is a naturally occurring color in nature it blends easily with natural wood tones, browns, and soft yellows. Gray can also stand as a neutral ground for bold colors like red and blue.

Gray cotton wool blanket

Is gray the new white? We are soothed by the simplicity of white, even a crisp white. However we experience instant tranquility in the palest of gray rooms. There has always been great debate over whether black or white are colors. They are only two, in a broad spectrum of gray!


Gray Blankets by Brahms Mount

Gray is handsome woven into our Merino Wool Pinstripe Blanket, Toasty in our Herringbone Alpaca Throw, Cool in a dove gray Cotton Herringbone Blankets, Warm in slate/natural or gray heather Herringbone Blanket, Sumptuous in our Wicker Cotton/Wool blanket, Textural in our airy Quarry Linen/Cotton Blanket, Familiar in our Fair Isle Cotton/Alpaca Throw.

Quarry cotton linen blanket