Interview With the Dream Team at Brahms Mount

Posted on September 14 2016

Interview With the Dream Team at Brahms Mount


How does a Design and Manufacturing Company achieve over 30 years of success in a competitive market? We interviewed some of the remarkable artisans, administrators and salespeople at Brahms Mount, asking them one common question, and one specific question about their area.


What is the secret to our success?

“Antique shuttle looms, natural fibers, beautiful designs, linen blankets, and hard work”. - John SmithMaster Weaver, Assistant Production Manager

“The employees.”  - Cheryl HeathCut and Sew supervisor

“Love for what you do.”  - Daylene CoutureSupervisor

“People, lack of automation – each piece is a technically unique item. Each piece is hand cut (not placed on a table and pulled forward and measured by lasers and cut by automated machines), and then sewn by human hands (again, not automated stitching equipment). No two pieces will ever be quite the same. The quality and attention to detail in our process is unparalleled by any automated process.”  - SuzAnne BrownChief Operating Officer

“The secret to every business success is the product. In the case of Brahms Mount it is the unique innovative blankets - beautifully designed and meticulously finished by attentive craftsmen and women.”  - Noel J. Mount, Co-Founder

“I feel we are a diverse company, offering very classic patterns as well as modern twists of color. I think of us as Coastal Modern at its very best. Our beautiful line fits every lifestyle from Maine to California and beyond. We also need to talk about craftsmanship. Our products are touched multiple times before they make it into your home. What other American design and manufacturing company can tell you the name of the person who fringed the throw you are buying.” - Suzanne LauzierManager, Flagship Store in Freeport Maine

“From a retail point of view?” It’s the awesome sales staff at the flagship store.”- Anne RitchieRetail Store Associate

“The secret to Brahms Mount is uncompromising quality.” - Aaron, Webmaster

And following, answers to questions that shine a light on more specific aspects.


What Do You Like About Manufacturing Textiles, Specifically Brahms Mount Textiles?

“I like the feeling of taking raw material and turning it into an actual product. I like knowing every step from receiving yarn in the door to making rolls of fabric. I also like knowing how to operate, maintain, and fix looms that are over 70 years old.” - John SmithMaster Weaver, Assistant Production Manager


What does your part in the process add to the quality of the product?

“Being supervisors, we pay attention to each step of the process. We make sure that each individual has the proper knowhow and takes the care that we do for each blanket that goes through our business.”  - Daylene CoutureSupervisor


What does your part in the process add to the quality of the product?

“Having the knowledge that was taught to me over the years and being able to pass it on to others.”  - Cheryl HeathCut and Sew supervisor


How does your position invigorate the flow of the operation?

“This is probably a question best answered by the people who are motivated by my actions; however, I would say that in my position I promote a culture that is positive, upbeat and passionate, yet accountable, focusing on personal success, and quality of work product - that includes motivation for continuous improvement on personal success and quality. The culture of Brahms Mount embodies respect and acknowledgement for the unique skill sets of those employed, always appreciated as a continuation of the passion of American manufacturing of days gone by.”  - SuzAnne BrownChief Operating Officer


Why did you choose to start a manufacturing company?

“The market needed a company that could lead, that values manufacturing. We had the skills to create and the experience gained through years spent in manufacturing to follow that dream… from concept to reality. Following my heart and the dream of owning my own company, together we could invent our own textile products and bring them to market.”  - Noel J. Mount, Co-Founder


How does your work affect the growth and awareness of the company?

My role is to make sure people can find out how much Brahms Mount customers love their Brahms Mount product. - Aaron, Webmaster


You are in a postion of hearing customer comments about the final product. Could you reflect on these comments and how they inspire you in your position?

“Because I am on the “front line” in my position, this allows me to offer honest, real feedback from our customers. This feedback is crucial in expanding our line in terms of color, to add fringe or not to add fringe, and even the versatility of our pieces. It also inspires me to look at our product differently. We are more than just blankets, we are a way of life!” - Suzanne LauzierManager, Flagship Store in Freeport Maine

A successful company is the net result of devotion and talent. It’s evident from the answers to our questions that success comes from gratification at the workplace. An idea can only reach its potential through hard team work, attentive ears, and a motivating product. Be inspired!