How to use Stripes in Interior Design

Posted on February 25 2016

How to use Stripes in Interior Design


Stripes are the yellow lines of a pedestrian crossing, the red marking of a hazardous area, the garb of a prisoner in medieval times, the fashion of a clown. They are the bar codes of our digital lives while the visual glory of flowers planted in lines.


Stripes in Fashion and Home

It was the iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel first who took inspiration from the Breton Stripes of a sailor’s uniform. Missoni, the legendary Italian knitwear company, took the iconic chevron stripe and knit it into a fashion empire. Stripes are upholstery, wallpaper, architectural ornamentation, the pattern on ceramics and texture of stonework. A masterpiece of stripes is the architecture of the Church of San Giovanni by Swiss architect Mario Botta.

Botta Church

What’s in a name? Some have specific reference to their origins. For example, the Flag!

  • Rugby Stripe - depicting team colors.
  • The Breton Stripe - of sailor’s uniforms.
  • Awning Stripes – originating from awning cloth, the canvas weight cotton.
  • Pin - very thin, similar to a Chalk stripe, ubiquitous in menswear.
  • Ticking Stripes - the original stripe of a mattress cover.
  • Admiral Stripes - along with stars - marking rank.
  • Regimental - origins in neckwear worn by soldiers in their regimental colors.
  • Serpentine - the wavy stripe.
  • Regency - originating in India, popular during the Regency Era of the United Kingdom. (Also called a Bengal, or Tiger Stripe)
  • Seersucker - a textured stripe created using a weaving effect - seen in summer suits.
  • Nautical - the definitive stripe of the bathing suit and sea, and the name of Coco Chanel’s first collection.

Woven Stripes

Stripes can be woven or printed. Woven Stripes result in the addition of texture to the pattern of the stripe. Yarns in a Satin Weave have sheen as they float on the surface of the fabric, reflecting light. A Rib weave gives a raised surface, creating striping from the texture. Flat weaves use color to show their stripes!

Cotton Rib Blanket

Let a story of linen stripes be the theme of the textiles in your home. Layer striped blankets on the bed, have border stripe throws on hand for morning meditations, put stripe linen towels in the bathroom.


Tap into tradition with a Ticking Stripe Blanket, a pattern that is second nature to our eyes.

Cotton Ticking Stripe

Find a favorite from our collection of Linen Cotton Throws. Each one-of-a-kind is an arrangement of stripes that artfully tells a story through color and scale.

Cotton Linen Throws

Decorative Pillows can be the art in the room by creatively arranging stripes both horizontally and vertically.