How to Use a Throw

Posted on December 31 2015

How to Use a Throw


Behold the beauty of a textile design as well as the comfort and functionality of its fibers. Fluid over a body, as texture in a room, as a piece of art, a Throw is a chameleon. It goes back and forth with ease between its purpose to function and it’s beauty as a crafted item.


When in waiting, your throw is an important personality in the room.


Folding a throw and placing it over an armchair, or at the end of a chaise adds texture in a compact and organized way. This minimalist approach will add a richness coming purely from the presence of color and texture. A folded throw placed lengthwise across the back of a couch is almost a necessity. The texture of a hand-twisted fringe running along the edge of a folded throw is graphic when placed squarely on the foot of a sectional chair.


When draping a throw, you place the fabric more loosely, letting the pattern and texture show. Lighting in a room, and the changing natural light, will reflect from the folds of the drape, revealing more of the character of the fabric. Hold the throw so that the length is hanging vertically, then gently set over the back of a chair and over the arm, let it flow over your furniture, perhaps over a decorative pillow.


Hanging freely from the gathering point of a large smooth peg, over a banister – visible as you ascend the stairs, on the back of a chair, on a beautiful blanket rack: these are typically the homes for a throw collection. A throw will show its whole essence when hanging. It can be mostly flat, or slightly gathered. (If using a peg or decorative hook, be certain it is large enough to accommodate the folds of the fabric.)



You’ll want to have a personal throw wherever you go! Consider taking your companion to these places: Alpaca / Cotton to the field games, sleigh rides, winter bonfires in northern skies. Put one in the car, and one in the other car! Don’t forget the camper.

Throw for outside use

Use your Linen Throw after a Yoga class, on deck at sea, in your luggage – for personal use when traveling.

Linen throw on fence

Linen / Cotton is perfect for your next garden party with a book. Great for bunk beds at the cabin, guest beds in the dorm. Take them on overnights.

Picnic Blanket made in the USA

Bring a Cotton Throw to a picnic, hint: you may also want to bring a blanket - a ticking stripe! It’s easy to see how collections begin. There’s your favorite throw  - you’ll keep nearby at all times. Then there will be one on each bed – these are for dreaming under.