How to Start Thinking Spring: 3 Ways to Prepare for Warmer Weather

Posted on March 13 2014

How to Start Thinking Spring: 3 Ways to Prepare for Warmer Weather


It's that time of year; spring is just around the corner. Around mid-March, you may have grown bored of heading to the slopes every weekend and are ready for a different outdoor activity (like gardening). Never fear, we're here to offer moral support as your spring cleaning itch comes this season.


1. Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning: the classic warm weather pastime. Not only is this a great way to purge and reorganize your closets, but it's also a great way to lift your spirits and get inspired for warm, sunny days. Start thinking spring by pulling your spring clothing and blankets out of storage. Care for them per the instructions, so that your textiles are ready to wear or ready to put on the beds!


2. Update your room decor

Often, moving around furniture or quickly updating the decor in a room can instantly update a space. Spring is about making everything lighter and brighter. Why not start with your blankets? Light, bright, and (why not) white blankets can instantly give your room an update. Whether it's your bedroom or living room, simple refreshes in textiles or even photos can help you (and your room) feel refreshed in an instant.


3. Get outside

Regardless of whether you're a winter person or not, getting outdoors when the weather changes is the subconscious switch you make between winter and spring. Whether you spend a day at the park or out on your lawn, be sure to take advantage of the warmer weather as soon as it hits! (And don't forget to bring your favorite day blanket along!) Contact us to learn more about how you can use blankets to get ready for spring this year! By Brahms Mount