How to Make a Bed

Posted on May 27 2015

How to Make a Bed


Let your bedroom beckon you. Rest and rejuvenation are what we desire from sleep. Color and fiber choice in bedding can act to relax or excite our senses. The soft touch of a natural fiber and the grounding quality of calm lighting can play a significant role in balancing our living spaces.


Earth tones promote relaxation. Is visualizing an alpine meadow how you find sleep? Chose the colors of soft petals for their soothing effect. Looking to be bathed by the crisp blue of the ocean? Turquoise is refreshing with solid white and vibrant color brings joy.


Let bold texture and subtle pattern co-exist beautifully as accent on a solid color base layer. Take a stripe blanket and put it at the foot of a bed clothed in like colors. There’s no need to cover and decorate over them with a bedspread or coverlet. You’ll want to see and feel the comfort that awaits you, much like smelling a delectable meal before indulging. Your bedroom is an intimate place and it should reflect the beauty you love.


Our choice of natural fibers enhances your experience due to the natural properties; cotton for comfort and softness, wool for snuggle-worthy coziness and creating warmth, and linen for its breathability. The Brahms Mount bed settles and welcomes as there is an ease of movement found while sleeping under natural fibers. It is a reflection of the tactile and visual pleasures in life.


The Brahms Mount flagship retail store in Freeport, Maine will give you the impression that you’ve just walked into a lifestyle. You’ll find our beds made with a foundational first layer accessorized with decorative, euro, or standard pillows. We cover the foot of the bed with a blanket to layer or to further accessorize. The addition of a throw allows you to add extra personality.




We all have favorite items of clothing, favorite textures, and family heirlooms we hold dear. Refer to these personal preferences when choosing to make your bed and bedroom your cathedral.