How Textiles Are Made: What is the Creel? [VIDEO]

Posted on July 07 2011

How Textiles Are Made: What is the Creel? [VIDEO]


At Brahms Mount, our blankets start off as yarn on a spool (what we call cones) - pictured below. All of our material comes this way, from cotton to linen to blends. So how do we take this raw material and make blankets and throws from it?

Linen Yarn Cone

Our process starts with the creel (below), which holds all of the combs for any given textile. Our creel holds up to 600 combs, from where we pull (by hand) the individual 600 pieces of thread through a specific groove to the warper: the next step in the process.

Antique custom textile creel

Watch below as Arthur explains exactly how the creel works at our mill:

By Brahms Mount