How Textiles Are Made, Part 2: The Warper [VIDEO]

Posted on July 14 2011

How Textiles Are Made, Part 2: The Warper [VIDEO]

Recently, we talked about what the creel is. Today, we're going to talk about what happens next in a fiber's journey to becoming a textile. From the creel, the 600 combs are all hand fed to 600 individual reeds in the warper. The warper is responsible for the vertical fiber in the textile: the warp (the horizontal fiber is called the weft).



Below, you'll see the Brahms Mount warper in the foreground and the creel in the background:

Warper and Creel

Once all of the yarn from the creel has been fed into the warper, it gets to work. Watch below as Arthur explains how the warper puts all of these fibers on to the racks.

Warp/weft photo credit: Wikipedia By Brahms Mount