Welcome to the Brahms Mount Blog

Posted on May 05 2008

Welcome to the Brahms Mount Blog


Maine's textile tradition stretches back to the 1800s, when almost every family spun fine yarn from local flax and wool, as well as from imported cotton. To fulfill rapidly growing demand, mills sprang up along major rivers. Maine textiles became world-renowned. Generations thrived. Building upon the strength of this tradition, Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount founded Brahms Mount more than twenty-five years ago in Hallowell, Maine. They purchased and renovated buildings constructed in 1866 and built a mill overlooking the Kennebec River, just upstream from where merchant ships once docked to trade Maine textiles around the globe. Antique shuttle looms, the backbone of Maine's textile tradition, were readily available to equip the mill.

Claudia and Noel then hired and trained a core staff of dedicated artisans to weave fabrics that define Brahms Mount's signature designs, as well as the company's superior quality and craftsmanship. Claudia comes from a family of distinguished interior and fashion designers. The art collection throughout her home ignited a passion for working with color, pattern and texture.

Noel traces his family's textile tradition back to 16th Century England. Heritage and experience give him an intimate understanding of precisely how to bring Claudia's art to life. In early 2009, David Kaufman bought Brahms Mount out of a love for the beauty and texture of these fine fabrics. As Claudia and Noel fully devote themselves to design and manufacturing, David brings a passionate vision dedicated to developing new product lines and expanding domestic and international markets. The synergy of inspiring design, technical savvy and consuming passion produces a line of beautiful fabrics enhanced by the drape and hand of natural fibers engineered to deliver incomparable comfort that appeals to a wide audience.