Handmade, the Essence of Gift Giving

Posted on June 10 2015

Handmade, the Essence of Gift Giving


Whether father's day, a wedding, or graduation, choose a gift that is created from the hand of an artist. It is work from the heart and the quintessential essence of gift giving. A hand tied knot, hand twisted fringe, and hand turned hems. What do these items have in common? They are the touch of the hand of an artist.

Oatmeal Ombre Throw

Why Choose Handmade?

  1. Human Element - it’s a conscious decision to see the human element and a deliberate choice to hold a treasure that conveys intention.
  2. Unique Aspects - All decorative and functional products originate from a design, however many of the unique aspects are then diluted through mass manufacturing processes.
  3. Heightened Creativity - Brahms Mount maintains the mission to preserve all of the creative aspects and specifications of our original designs. The result is always far more than just a product. Our colors are formulated in house, our constructions are our own interpretations and our finishing processes are hands-on.
  4. Collaboration - Working as a team of skilled artisans, we bring forth the purest representation of what our designer envisions, never short-cutting the process.

Quality Control

When you own a Brahms Mount, you can be sure our artist’s hands have touched it. Every single hem is hand-turned. The quality of our stitching is even, the corners perfectly square. Every blanket, throw, wrap, or towel has been constructed with enough yarn to give a truly cohesive fabric. Every item is pre-washed and tumbled dry so that you can rely on dimensional stability. Perhaps the most definitive sign of a true heirloom and the most important aspect of hand made is long lasting quality.

Men's Gift Ideas


Our fine micron wool blankets have a handsome pinstripe and the color choices are tailored in a classic palette perfectly suited for men. They are saturated in color and offer the crisp hand of a lightweight men’s suit.

Linen Bath Towel

Linen Towels are always a welcomed gift. The texture of our cloth and the drying capability of Linen are truly appreciated by men. Providing the option for an invigorating rub after a shower, dip in the lake, or sauna after the gym, men love our towels!! Linen Towels

Rest Assured

Give a gift from the heart. Look for the hand of the artist. Buy from a company that preserves and encourages tradition. One that works diligently to make a difference through the attention to detail, creativity and originality that come first with hand made. Look for Brahms Mount.