Goodbye Itchy Throws, Hello Comfort!

Posted on January 30 2015

Goodbye Itchy Throws, Hello Comfort!

Are you suffering from the company of uncomfortable throws? Life is too short for that nonsense, especially when there are throws and throws made from the magical material known as linen.

Oh, you aren’t familiar with what makes linen throws such amazing nap companions? Then it’s time to upgrade your education.

Linen Throws Don’t Itch

Whereas coarse fabrics can feel rough on the skin, linen consistently feels pleasant, primarily because of its naturally smooth, cool characteristics. So if you were to wrap up in, say, our Linen Leno Stripe Throw, you would feel a satisfying sensation of comfort, rather than an overwhelming urge to itch, itch, itch.


“Linen’s best kept secret lies in its versatility,” wrote Martin Raymond in the article The Flax of Life: In Love with Linen. “And in many ways this has also been its downfall. There are still too many people who imagine it to be like the linen of their youth - tough, papery and never seeing a crease it didn’t like.”

But these days, linen has evolved well past its origins, to become a fabric that leaves one longing for another moment wrapped up within its warm embrace.

Plus, linen can hold up to 20 percent moisture before it actually feels damp to the touch. This trait comes from the fabric’s inherent breathability, which allows the body to regulate its temperature beneath the throw or blanket.

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Linen Throws Are Antimicrobial

Even the most fastidious among us can neglect cleaning throws on a regular basis. But with a linen throw, you don’t have to always wonder about how long it has been since you last washed a throw before nestling in for a nap. You see, linen is a naturally antimicrobial fabric that sheds dirt, grime, and odors. Give it a few shakes and it’ll be as good as new.

Linen Throws Get Better with Each Wash

Linen TowelOf course, eventually you’ll have to wash the throw, that’s a given fact. But here’s the thing with linen: after each wash, it becomes stronger and smoother, making it even more comfortable than before.

“Linen that can be machine washed, tumble dried, coated with silicon or mixed with jersey, viscose, Tactel, Tencel, silk or help to improve performance, durability or drape,” continues Raymond. “Indeed, new generations of linen can cling to the body with a fit that’s every bit as smooth and sensual as the naughtiest of bias-cut dresses.”

Linen Throws Are Environmentally Friendly

linen blanketCompared to other fabrics, linen is incredibly friendly to the environment. First off, it’s a replaceable resource that has little impact on water quality. Second, linen comes from a vegetative source, so there’s no worry about whether or not animals were harmed in its creation.

Too often people think that living an environmentally-friendly life means making sacrifices. But in this case, purchasing, say, a Linen Flat Weave Throw actually treats you as well as it treats the environment. It’s a win-win situation that ensures everyone (and everything) benefits from the fantastic qualities of this interesting fabric.

Without a doubt, the only itch that you’ll scratch with linen is the desire for another day of lounging in utter throw bliss.

By Brahms Mount