Give Linen To The Hostess

Posted on December 11 2015

Give Linen To The Hostess


A Hostess gift is such a fun gift to shop for. It’s a perfect opportunity to break all the rules, a chance to surprise. The character of Brahms Mount Linen far exceeds all expectations. Those who own or receive Brahms Mount linen come to know it and appreciate it with great attention after repeated use reveals the reason for its reputation. Often unrecognized for its versatility, linen textiles quickly become a necessity. Surprise the hostess with 100% Linen, by Brahms Mount:


Small cloths are indispensable. A stack of linen washcloths such as the McClary Linen Towels would find place in the kitchen, when decorating, when in need of an absorbent cloth for washing and drying, or served up warm and steaming after a facial.


A small personal towel is a must have. It’s a neck towel for a man’s shave, a head towel for quick hair drying, companion on the trailhead, a lining for the breadbasket, a bread-bakers cloth. Of course, you’ll need a few in the kitchen!


For the Bath

A linen towel is the greatest after shower experience. It’s the kind of fabulous towel that could easily be called upon after impromptu dips in the lake or for insulating warmth after the sauna.


Linen Throws and Blankets

We are comforted by the drape of linen. As a personal item, a throw is a welcome bit of sanctuary under a soothing fabric. A Twin size blanket stands to be one of the most luxurious Linen gifts we can imagine. Having your own favorite blanket is almost a right!

Maine summer linen throw

An unusual, one of a kind linen towel, throw, or blanket, need not conform to a scheme. It can be chosen for the artistic statement as well as for its absolute functionality. Linen cloth has immediate place almost anywhere, crossing purposes with ease. Linen is rooted upon centuries of cultivation, recorded by generations of human touch. Surprise someone with a gift made of Linen!