"Give Alpaca a Starring Role!"

Posted on February 24 2010

"Give Alpaca a Starring Role!"



"I love alpaca and I have replaced all wool sweaters with alpaca for sweaters. However, the American public, in general, is not too aware of alpaca. Being Mexican I am well aware of that miracle fabric that is alpaca. I truly hope that you will give alpaca a starring role in future production  as it is such a lovely and wonderful fiber. However, it is not well known to the average consumer, but then I doubt that your company's consumers are average. I love to buy alpaca for my mom and sister when I can find it well made.

linen blanket stack

"Linen is my other 'must have fabric' and I boughtsome of the linen day blankets, as well as the linen towels, and a blanket for my family in Mexico from Brahms Mount.  My linen blanket is still beautiful after the many years that I have had it and that is because Brahms Mount took the time to properly finished the blanket, check for imperfections and offer the best possible product." Manuel from Oklahoma FELLOW ALPACA LOVER? SEE BELOW! 

Juliette from Maine's 2002 Common Ground Fair