Directions for Use of Brahms Mount Blankets

Posted on June 24 2015

Directions for Use of Brahms Mount Blankets


6 ways you’ll know if you are using your Brahms Mount in a way that shows the design and is the best for fit:

Look for the Brahms Mount Label

On the face side of every blanket, throw, baby blanket, towel, and wrap, is the Brahms Mount label. It identifies us as the designer and manufacturer, and tells you who is responsible for the luxury and comfort you are experiencing!

Brahms Mount sewn in Label

Made for The Dean hotel in Providence, Brahms Mount will often co-brand and design blankets with like-minded retail and design firms.  

Every blanket and throw has a care label with the size identified

On the back of every blanket, located behind the Brahms Mount label, there is a care label. It gives directions on how to care for your blanket and it identifies size. The Throws all say the word THROW, and the blankets have labels printed with the bed size it is designed for: TWIN, FULL, QUEEN, or KING.  This label will be sewn in under the hand turned hem, just behind the Brahms Mount label.

Brahms Mount Care Instructions

When stitching, our hems are turned to be on the back of the blanket

Our hems will always be folded to the back. Corners are either mitered (you’ll see a slanted angle and the turn of the corner), or folded with a traditional corner. In all cases you’ll find that our stitching is handled in such a way that the edges of your blankets have a beautiful border and a cohesive appearance.

Brahms Mount double hand turned hem

Is there a better blanket to have on top when layering

The Brahms Mount collections are fully cross-coordinated. This means that all blankets layer beautifully. Try a White Sahara blanket under a White/Surf Herringbone, or a Natural Sahara under a stripe Linen blanket. Let those patterns show! When choosing a more textural weave, we suggest you place it as your top layer. A perfect example would be our Madison Cotton Blanket.

Brahms Mount blanket layering

Direction of Design

These can be considered directions for use of the blanket! Striped and Herringbone blankets will have the design running vertically from the top to bottom of the bed. Patterns such as Wicker, Starry Nights and Stitched Plaid are all-over patterns. In most cases the blankets will fit naturally in a certain direction. For example, a Twin size blanket will only fit on the bed one way - the narrower side being the width, the long side - its length. The King size, wider than it is long. The Queen size is the only exception, as it is nearly square. In this case, follow the direction of the weave as described above.

Hand twisted fringe and natural selvedge finish


Throws are edged at the top and the bottom with our signature hand twisted fringe, hand tied knots, or a simple hem. Along the length is our trademark natural closed selvedge, a hem, or a simple edge. Along the length of our towels is the closed selvedge. Hang your towel or drape your throw without wonder, the weave designs are the same face and back. Enjoy your Brahms Mount blankets, a size for every bed and every occasion!