Day Blankets For Color and Function

Posted on November 02 2016

Day Blankets For Color and Function


Day Blankets are the perfect combination of a blanket and throw, providing functionality and familiarity.


The Perfect Companion

Throws are wonderfully decorative and can be effectively used for warming your lap, or shoulders. However what about full coverage head to toe? You could grab your favorite blanket, but that’s on your bed and a bit too large for a quick power nap. You may want to doze off when you are reading a book, or daydream under cover when headed to your favorite spot. What’s your go to layer for light warmth? A personal Day Blanket.

Day Blanket Throw Stack

A Winning Combination Of All Things Comforting And Innovative

To be swathed in a Brahms Mount Day Blanket is to experience comfort, interesting and exciting color, and luscious fibers at work. Bedroom color schemes often call for a solid blanket, or an accent of one color in a throw. When you want something as fun as your striped scarf, or as visually stimulating as the colors in nature, you’ll want something akin to wearable art. Our Day Blankets reflect the colors of the birds you watch, the seashore you live on, and the rocky coast you travel. They are for long rides and naps in the back seat, reclining on a chaise with a book, staring endlessly at the horizon. They are designed for portability and as a reflection of personality.

Day Blanket Color

Our color combinations are inspired by nature and tradition, fashion and art. The stripes are inspired by indigenous and contemporary design. We are the first use the term Day Blanket. We feel it describes our innovation perfectly and specifically. Each one is named with sensitivity to the colors and theme, and then sized for the need.

Throw for outside use

In use, our Day Blankets are incomparable. Woven of Cotton and Linen, they function with all of the attributes of these plant fibers. The use of both fibers provides a unique drape that flows over your body. Individually, the cotton has the familiarity and hand that we are all drawn to, the linen has the property of moving air so easily it adds lightness, without compromising it’s weight. A Day Blanket is perfectly suited as an item that you’ll find travels with you to every room, event, and venue where the character of fantastic fabric wins.