Cotton Throw: Brahms Mount Herringbone Throws

Posted on December 05 2012

Cotton Throw: Brahms Mount Herringbone Throws


The hand-twisted fringe will add that visual detail you've been searching for to complete any room. Whichever color, a Brahms Mount Cotton Herringbone Throw is a lovely and useful gift for all occasion. Few appreciate the extra hand work involved in the braided fringe. Fewer recognize the broad palette available to match nearly any room and any purpose. See some options below.

These throws are all either on a natural (undyed) cotton background or a white cotton background and color is selected based on it's compliments to the background yarn. All feature the beautiful handwork of the hand twisted fringe


Natural Indigo Island Blue stone
Apple Green Blaze Maple Herringbone Throw
Autumn Baja Blue Peridot
Misty Blue Surf Cornsilk Coral
Grain Viridian Wisteria