Cottoning On To Cotton

Posted on September 16 2015

Cottoning On To Cotton


The benefits of cotton cannot be overstated. It breathes well, is highly absorbent, sheds odors, is soft, doesn’t cling, and can be worn and used in all seasons. Furthermore, it can be washed. Perhaps most important, cotton is a renewable and recyclable resource. In fact denim fabric is currently being recycled for use as insulation.

Cotton up close

There are over 50 wild and cultivated species of cotton, with 500 varieties worldwide. This purely cellulosic plant fiber is a shrub that has been cultivated since antiquity. Fabric fragments date back 5000 years to prehistoric times and there is evidence of its use in the Old World at least 7000 years ago. Cotton clothed people in ancient Egypt, China and India hundreds of years before the Christian era.


Brahms Mount has an extensive cotton blanket collection manufactured from materials that are grown, spun and dyed in the United States, where our mill is located. This practice leaves a positive sustainable footprint as it simplifies the flow of supply, secures domestic employment, and establishes long-term relationships with vendors. One such grower collective is located on the plains of Texas - The Texas Organic Marketing Cooperative. Currently there are 3 million acres of organic cotton being grown. This quantity accounts for less than one percent of all the cotton grown wordwide, but accomplishes more than its share to further the advancement of cotton crop sustainability.


Organic Cotton (Baby) Blankets

Our Winslow Cotton Blanket and baby blankets represent an important part in our diversification. Woven of 100% USDA certified organic cotton, the unusual weave structure in this blanket adds a dimension that enhances the quality of the fiber. The subtle raised ridges capture air between the yarns creating a soft thermal quality.

Organic Cotton Blanket

We have written extensively on the history of our cotton blankets and the benefits of cotton as a blanket layer. They remain one of the most popular choices for Made in USA bedding enthusiasts. We can all sleep better under Brahms Mount.