Complimentary and Monochromatic Colors

Posted on January 14 2016

Complimentary and Monochromatic Colors


Complimentary Colors

Have you ever noticed how a yellow tulip compliments a blue room, or how surf blue is in harmony with turquoise and hot orange? It’s the magic that happens naturally as complimentary colors play off each other, creating vibrancy and excitement Complimentary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. Red is opposite green and therefore is called its compliment. Orange compliments blue, for purple it’s yellow. However don’t let this simplistic explanation limit your imagination. The color wheel has infinite gradations in shades of blue opposite infinite gradations of shades of orange to yellow - the possibilities are endless.

Apple Green Throw

Consider a natural/red or a white/coral Ticking Stripe Blanket, to compliment your cool green walls. Choose an apple green or sugar snap Herringbone Throw to layer on more color and texture. White is complimented by all colors. It stays fresh and crisp in the company of the cool colors such as blue and green, is vibrant against hot colors such as red and orange.


Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colors, or like colors, are colors of the same family. A monochromatic color scheme combines many shades or variations of one color. Monochromatic colors can also create a healing feeling of serenity. That vibrant white can become a serene white as a part of a monochromatic scheme. An indigo Linen Blanket, with a misty blue Herringbone Throw would be a monochromatic pairing. A Pinstripe Merino Wool Blanket in charcoal, with a gray Ombre Throw is another example.

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When using monochromatic color schemes you can achieve a very clean appearance whether it’s the breeze that is created in a predominantly pastel room, or the warmth and richness in the saturation of deep hues. Combining textures adds depth to both complimentary and monochromatic color schemes. Many layers of texture, combined with many layers of color, add up to a feast for your eyes. Let the color sing! Combine complimentary colors, or variations of like colors.