Megan Opel’s Review on Brahms Mount

Posted on March 05 2021

Megan Opel’s Review on Brahms Mount


Take a look at what the interior designer Megan Opel had to say about our products.

Megan Opel

Her review: 

"My go to throw in my room designs is the Brahms Mount Monhegan Cotton Throw. It comes in tons of gorgeous colorways that coordinate with various room designs, and the herringbone pattern and rope fringe is fun and timeless. My favorite way to use it is folded at the end of a full or queen size bed in a color that coordinates with the headboard or lumbar pillow, or thrown over a sofa arm or chair back cushion. I love that they are made of cotton which means they are machine washable and family friendly! When they get dirty, I can easily throw them in the wash on the cold gentle cycle and then let them air dry, and they come out good as new."

 All of these images were taken by Jacob Hand Photography + Motion

For more information about Megan Opel you can check out her website or you can find her on Instagram at @megopel.