Brahms Mount 2015 Gift Guide

Posted on November 25 2015

Brahms Mount 2015 Gift Guide


For thoughtful, creative, and functional gifts, choose an item with tactile qualities. It is a very personal gesture, and one that will be appreciated for years to come. Let us help you choose with these two considerations (Climate and Lifestyle):


Temperate climate, city streets? Snow-capped paradise - a fabulous cabin in the woods? Natural fibers perform according-to-the-environment and they are the most flexible when it comes to variable temperatures.

Climate based textile gifts


Wool is the natural choice for cold weather, creating warmth when in use - most beneficial. Brahms Mount wool is especially soft and therefore, an easy choice. The nice surprise, wool is equally as functional and comfortable in moderately warmer climates (as long as the humidity is low!)


Linen thrives around water - as a towel. It is the throw on your shoulders, or the solo blanket on the bed. A chameleon in all weather, it conforms to your body and transforms the air between you and the folds of fabric. Linen insulates when cool, evaporates moisture when warm.


Cotton is the fiber that remains a constant. It is a comforting fabric. Weight and weave affect the density. Lighter blankets are a perfect layering blanket or all one needs in moderate to warm weather. Cotton provides just enough weight without excess warmth.


Fabrics are designed for lifestyles. Are you the outdoor shower type? A camper? Is the den your favorite room? These are the types of questions you could ask when it comes to choosing a blanket, throw, linen towel, or wrap as a gift. Activities point to lifestyle.

Lifestyle Gift from Brahms Mount  


A shawl is a wonderful choice for a person who loves their fabric even when on the move. It surrounds the neck and is one of the most comforting items in a wardrobe. Protecting and warm, it is wearable art and a constant reminder of the origin of the gift. Perhaps the best throws to use as a shawl are the Fine Micron Wool Throws: Ombre and Fez


A throw is the hug that comes on the couch, on a chaise, over your legs, enveloping more of the body than a wrap. It is in use mostly in more stationary positions. However, a throw travels well to events, is useful in the bleachers, on the beach, the boat, in the car, well, just about anywhere!


Blankets are sometimes the most comforting fabric of the day. With little time for lounging, a busy lifestyle often means the bedroom holds the most restful moments. Blankets are a way to appreciate fabric in a most functional way. Many homes have spare as they are always in need! Choose the gift of fabric, it’s always a welcome surprise!