Bedding and Home Decor Over Time

Posted on July 22 2015

Bedding and Home Decor Over Time


Memories define moments. Smells, songs, and the tactile experience of favorite fabrics can quickly take us back to past experiences.

Bedding Landscape in 1983

We can clearly remember the bedding available when we started weaving blankets in the early history of the company in the 1980's. At the time, there were wool and acrylic blankets bound with synthetic satin edges, down filled quilts that we huddled under like great puffs of cloud, and there were bedspreads of all sorts – most notably with chenille patterns placed as giant medallions in the center of our beds. But where were the cotton blankets and where was the linen?

Layered linen blanket

Some of earliest bedding known was in fact woven of linen and therefore our bedding became defined by the word. However, the real linen (the fiber grown from the Flax plant), was only woven into bed sheets at that time. There were beautiful cotton sheets available, but we found just one blanket woven from cotton. As well, there were institutional cotton blankets, those found in hospitals. Beautiful sleepwear was fabricated of 100% cotton, however, where were the thick luxurious cotton or linen blankets? There were none to be found, we had to invent our own.


Cotton flannel sheeting had become widely available. Nesting, as predicted by Faith Popcorn and Lifestyle Merchandising as developed by Ralph Lauren were on the forefront. The trend for natural plant fibers in the bedroom was ours to set. It was an obvious natural progression for the bedroom. Wool and acrylic had defined the blanket market for far too long. Brahms Mount led the change from matching bedspreads, bed-skirts and wallpaper, to layers of beautiful fabrics that cross-merchandise. We called upon the grace, drape and texture of cotton and linen apparel fabrics. We could think of nothing more comfortable than the choice to be swathed in these natural fibers day and night. Brahms Mount layered blankets

Recognizing that wool still had a solid place in the bedroom, Brahms Mount was challenged to add the beautiful hand of alpaca and merino wool to the collection resulting in elegant new options.


It is over 30 years later. Brahms Mount is recognized for having innovated the first four-season cotton blankets, throws, and baby blankets, and for taking the lead in developing 100% linen blankets and towels possessing hearty character and great functionality. Brahms Mount retail showroom in Freeport

Forging a re-birth of manufacturing in the New England tradition Brahms Mount has established itself as a trailblazer and one of the most adventurous style-makers in the industry. Rest assured.

Answers to FAQ

Our very first 100% Cotton blanket was the WHITE Checkmate. Our first Cotton Throw was the Herringbone w/ hand-twisted fringe. The very first baby blanket was the Multicolor check/checkmate. The very first Linen Blanket was the Natural Linen. The very first wool was the Alpaca/Cotton Throw.