All Things New at Brahms Mount

Posted on January 06 2011

All Things New at Brahms Mount


A new year, a new blog writer (hello!), and some lovely new additions to the Brahms Mount Day Blanket Collection – the weather in Maine during this time of year may not be anything to get excited about, but there are plenty of things at Brahms Mount keeping our spirits high right now. The Brahms Mount Day Blankets are 50” x 80” throws made from a 50/50 blend of our linen and cotton fibers. They are perfect for keeping you warm around the house, picnicking in the summertime, and make great alternatives to yoga and exercise mats – pretty much any use you can think of, these blankets will accommodate. Available to order now are our Boardwalk, Cliffhouse, Ebbtide, and Zephyr Day Blankets, as well as the new Solara. The new additions to the Day Blankets are named Solara, Desert Dusk, Blue Note, Verdura, and Ombre, and incorporate a new, rich palette of colors. The Solara is comprised of plum, claret, autumn, and Breton red; Desert Dusk of blaze, suede, melon, almond, and ecru; Blue Note of bluebird, cranberry, blue, Caribbean, and yellow; Verdura of apple, spring green, brown, ecru, and white; and Ombre of melon, almond, and ecru.

Linen and Cotton Day Blankets

As the “new girl,” this is the first new installment I have personally witnessed come out at Brahms Mount. Naturally, I was curious about the story behind these new Day Blankets, so I bent our designer’s, Claudia Brahms’, ear about it. Here’s some of what she had to say:

HF: “What was the inspiration for this particular palette of colors?”

CB: “The Day Blanket Collection is a great opportunity to be inspired by all colors. Each Day Blanket has to be a vignette, a story.

“The Solara is a direct inspiration from a beautiful silk scarf that had brilliant colors blending into each other. What I saw was a blaze of color in stripes that lead into each other.

“But each inspiration is different, and there's room for many colors in this collection. That is the base theme…each [Day Blanket] is a palette upon which to paint a different story on.”

HF: “How have your designing choices evolved over the years? Do you see a particular movement through the Day Blanket Collection specifically, or the Brahms Mount Blankets as a whole?”

CB: “Much can be said with few words. I have a very consistent appreciation of the understated, though creating magic within that criteria is always a challenge. There are the fabrics that have lasting value. Trend is important, imparted discreetly it can look familiar and natural. Applied heavily, and the fashion becomes shorter lived. We need to be clever at riding the edge.

“The Day Blanket Collection is evolving. I see it as a perpetual opportunity to introduce our new colors.”

HF: Honest truth – do you have a favorite of the new Day Blanket designs?”

CB: “The next one!!!

“If I have one that's a favorite, I'm in trouble! They all have to be outstanding.

“It's important that I design looking forward. Otherwise I will get stuck in the past. It's like playing tennis. You hit the ball...and if you spend too much time staring at its good form, you will not see the return ball as it hits you in the face.” Desert Dusk, Blue Note, Verdura, and Ombre will be available early this year, no later than February, so make sure to keep checking our website. It’s the perfect time to curl up against the cold with a favorite book – or, as Claudia mentioned, you can sit back and listen quietly to the blanket’s very own story.

By Brahms Mount