Natural Fibers Cover All Seasons

Posted on March 29 2012

It's summer in Florida - which is my best blanket to use? How about in Michigan? How about New York? Brahms Mount blankets answer the "which blanket is best for my area" query through the diversity of the products offered. All available in natural fibers.

Cotton is number one in versatility, cost, ease of use. It truly is a four season blanket. Used alone in summer and spring - and especially where air conditioning is used - it provides just enough warmth to ward off a chill. Cotton breathes and does not trap moisture. Used in fall and winter - cotton added to a light down quilt or a wool blanket again breathes and adds just the added weight and warmth to provide a restful, quiet sleep with the softness and comfort cotton is known for. Click here to see our current line of 100% Cotton Blankets

Linen adds the bonus of luxury to the line. The drape of our Brahms Mount Linen Blanket, the weight of the long fiber linen used speak of its durability as well as luxury - and linen only gets softer with use. The added luxury of its inherent qualities - anti microbial, fast drying, moisture wicking, clean natural scent all contribute to its versatility. Linen is truly a four season blanket as well as it traps warmth in its channels. Adding just the right amount of warmth needed in summer air conditioning - aesthetics are never compromised when linen is used as a blanket or bedspread.
Click here to see our current line of 100% Linen Blankets
Click here to see our current line of Linen / Cotton Blankets

Merino Wool blankets are the perfect extra added lightweight wool blanket for your bed in fall, winter and spring. In the mountains in the summer? - use our wool blankets for that needed coziness to warm up with. Click Here to see our current line of Washable Merino Wool Broadcloth and Herringbone Blankets

The bonus of all Brahms Mount blankets?
Ease of use: all are machine washable and dryable. All have been prewashed, preshrunk. These are not fussy blankets - but made to be used for generations to come, in any climate, any season, all decors. There is a Brahms Mount blanket just right for your needs. Just ask, we'll direct you to the best for your needs.