A Lifetime of Security Blankets

Posted on May 12 2015

A Lifetime of Security Blankets


Fabric is our first tactile experience. Wrapped around us, we feel a sense of wellbeing. Every parent has experienced the emotional attachment that a child has to a special blanket. The provider of calm, the blankie, binky, and wooby are some of the nicknames we affectionately call them by. Clutching these favorite companions, some into our adult lives, the security of a blanket becomes second nature.

cotton baby blanket

What fabric would you chose for the important job of being your security blanket? The softness and weight can contribute greatly to a feeling of protection much as a hug would, thus reducing stress and anxiety. Even color has a sensory effect on us. Natural fibers are the most relaxing as they interact with the heat and moisture of our bodies. This directly contributes to our wanting to touch and be touched by them. There is magic in the caress and drape of a personal blanket or throw from Brahms Mount. Linen is a soothing fabric possessing anti-microbial properties. Known to be non-allergenic, it is a delightful fabric for those with skin sensitivity. The fiber breathes well and a linen throw is your go to security blanket for relaxation and afternoons on the porch. Cover you shoulders with the noblest of plant fibers, recline with one of nature’s most elegant gifts.

Maine summer linen throw

Cotton is instantly familiar. The density of a thick throw draping over your lap, or legs is like being touched by a soft cloud. We’ve woven cotton with linen and the result is a personal blanket that travels beyond the home. The color stripes beg to be taken along as constant companion to a picnic, a ballgame, or a cup of tea.


Wool can interact with our body temperature to create a very cozy environment. Our fine micron wool Ombre throw is a subtle and sumptuous gradation of color woven from the very softest of yarns. Simply put, this throw is irresistible. The fabric is luxurious, another Brahms Mount you’ll want to bring it right next to your skin. Fabric is second nature and our experience begins the day we are born.

Flower Garden baby blanket