A Lasting Valentine

Posted on February 02 2016

A Lasting Valentine


Observed in honor of St. Valentine, this day is meant for showing love and affection. On the 14th of February, we wear our heart on our sleeve, wrapping presents in bows and surprising lovers with items of appreciation. Our pets usually get a treat on this day too! One of the most loving expressions is a lasting one. Material or ethereal, your loving expressions are shared for generations. Poetry, flowers, Sunday drives, art from a local artist; these are the experiences that carry forward. It seems on this day, we think more carefully about what we choose, knowing that our mindfulness translates in our gestures. Show your soft heart and loving hand. Shades of red, pinks, and soft blushed colors are the tradition on this day. They are the colors of emotion and romance, as well the colors that grace the spring season. Like a warm hug, your love will be felt when you wrap the shoulders of a loved one in a Throw. A Brahms Mount Ombré Throw is the perfect confection for Valentines Day. The watermelon color is a tonal gradation of color blooming from one end of the throw to the other: from a natural white to light watermelon to full saturation. Woven of soft Merino wool, this is a truly thoughtful choice for the occasion. (and there are many other incredible colors to choose from!)



Peachy, papaya, coral, and berry are some of the delicious colors in our Herringbone Throws. Cotton yarns are woven into a graphic herringbone pattern, and edged with our hand-twisted fringe. It’s bold yet easy and densely cotton with a fabulous hand. This is a true Brahms Mount classic and an instant favorite of all who own one.

Peachy Papaya Coral Herringbone Throws

Fabric is a sensory experience. A Throw is familiar and comforting, a work of art and a craft to cherish. Hug someone with a Brahms Mount!